USF Tampa Bay Logo Option

Several departments at USF have been discussing the geographic misdirection of the name "University of South Florida."


As a result, University Communications has been discussing a new tagline, using "Tampa Bay," especially for national communications. The idea was given extra impetus by USF's national reputation task force.


The tagline will be discussed and introduced via a variety of communications, to include new content added to the USF Brand website; an article in Inside USF; and a discussion during next Tuesday's December Professional Communicators Group meeting.


Unfortunately, the conversation was communicated inaccurately and prematurely earlier this week, which has caused a variety of concerns to spring up among our students, faculty, staff and alumni.


In an effort to offer clarity about this issue, University Communications has crafted this Q+A.


Does this replace the current logos?
No. The current logos are still in effect. This is merely a new option anyone can use when developing materials designed for audiences outside the region.


Why did USF choose to develop this new tagline?
The need for the tagline came from surveys that indicate that people outside the state of Florida mistakenly assume we're further south than we are. Creating a new logo option that includes the words "Tampa Bay" allows university communicators to develop materials that clearly indicate the university's location.


I've heard rumors that the university is changing its name? Is this true?
No. The University of South Florida is not changing its name.


Is this in response to recent reports regarding USF Polytechnic?
No. The other campuses and institutions within the USF System are welcome to use this new logo option if they'd like, but it is not required. In fact, USF St. Petersburg and USF Sarasota-Manatee already use geographic modifiers as part of their names.


Does this mean I need to recycle all my current publications and print new ones using the new USF Tampa Bay logo?
No. Feel free to use whatever stock you have left. When it is time to reprint your publications, consider the audience for the publication and determine whether or not it makes sense to use this new logo option on your communication.


What if I want to indicate USF's location in text?
If you mention the university's name in text, please use this format: University of South Florida, Tampa Bay.
For example, if you are writing some introductory copy about USF for a brochure for an out-of-state audience, you might say something like this: "The University of South Florida, Tampa Bay, is a high-impact, global research university dedicated to...."


Where can I get a copy of this new logo option?
For complete details about the USF logos, including instructions for how to download the new USF Tampa Bay logo option, please visit the USF Brand website:


What else can I find on the USF Brand website?
You can find a variety of brand resources, including logo downloads and information about logo usage and approvals; color palettes; photo galleries; the latest boilerplate statements, rankings and statistics; the USF Editorial Style Guide; the USF design gallery; and links to a variety of other resources, including event promotion information, graphic design assistance, social media information and more.


If I have questions about the USF brand, including the logos, who should I contact?
Contact Stephanie Harff, Chief of Operations for University Communications: