Change is in the Air…Coming Soon!

Starting later this spring, students, employees, vendors and visitors will be allowed to smoke only in designated areas on the USF Tampa campus. More details on the policy and smoking areas will be released soon, but it's never too soon to quit smoking.


Change can be hard, but change is good. The journey to a smoke free lifestyle can be difficult, and many people attempt to quit a number of times before they quit for good. If you've tried to stop smoking before, please consider making another effort through one of these great resources.


All of the resources listed below are FREE to you, and many are also free to your family, friends and other loved ones who wish to quit smoking.


Resources to Help You Quit

Student Health Services now offers free smoking cessation counseling to all USF employees.


Each State of Florida health insurance provider has programs and resources available to participants and their dependents. Click here for more information.


USF's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provided through Magellan Health, supplies online tools and articles to support your efforts. The EAP is available at no cost to employees and all members of their households.


The Gulf Coast North Area Health Education Center provides free smoking cessation programs and nicotine replacement therapies to anyone in the community who wishes to stop smoking.


Tobacco Free Florida and Florida Quitline (1-877-U-CAN-NOW) offers free counseling and nicotine replacement therapy for anyone wishing to quit smoking. The Quitline and their Online Web Coach are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. has online experts and support mechanisms for people who wish to quit smoking. Step-by-step Quit Guides are tailored to your level of readiness to quit smoking, and the site offers challenges for those who like healthy competition to stay on track.


We hope that you will consider making 2012 the year that you quit smoking.