Strategic Enrollment Planning at USF

On February 2, 2012 Dr. Jim Hundrieser, Associate Vice President for the Higher Education Consulting Firm, Noel-Levitz, will be returning to USF. This visit marks the second of six scheduled visits that have been occurring since November 2011 and will continue through September 2012. "This is a paradigm shift in the way we plan and manage enrollment," explained J. Robert Spatig, Assistant Vice President for Admissions, Recruitment and Enrollment Planning. "This is the first time USF has engaged in a coordinated effort to develop a long-term strategic enrollment plan—from recruitment through graduation—that is carefully aligned with and promotes the mission and goals of the institution."


Effective Strategic Enrollment Planning and Management is a critical component of the student success initiative. "We must ensure that we recruit and enroll students who are prepared for success, and that we deliver the support they need to graduate in a timely manner," explained Paul Dosal, Vice Provost for Student Success. With the help of Dr. Hundrieser and Noel-Levitz, USF has established a Strategic Enrollment Management Policy Council to develop objectives and oversee the work of the Strategic Enrollment Management Team that will develop short- and long-term enrollment plans. The management team will, in turn, coordinate the work of five subcommittees. 


The five subcommittees have been charged with developing short- and long-term enrollment goals related to student success, recruitment and marketing, fiscal/resource development, the academic experience and the student life experience. Each committee will assemble and analyze the data and information it needs to draft tactical plans to achieve specific objectives. This new administrative structure, with nearly 100 people from across campus, will develop, monitor, assess and refine enrollment strategies supportive of the new long-term strategic plan being developed for USF. For more information on the SEM initiative, please contact J. Robert Spatig at or 4-7085.