Human Resources Launches Student Employment@USF Web Page

Student Employment@USF is an initiative of the Office of Student Success and is administered by Human Resources in collaboration with the Career Center. Student Employment@USF strives to create on-campus employment opportunities for students to gain meaningful experience in their career fields before graduating. 

In order to streamline both the recruitment process for departments and the job search process for students, Student Employment@USF is launching two new Web pages: a supervisor page and a student page.

The supervisor page provides access for job postings, resources for student supervision, and resources to aid in understanding how to recruit, select, hire, appoint and pay the different types of student employees.


The student page acts as a main source for building marketable skills and finding available positions.


By increasing career-directed student positions on campus, departments are able to fill open positions with employees who bring fresh ideas, new perspectives and the most up to date education and background knowledge. Research also shows that on-campus employment positively impacts academic performance and graduation rate.


Resources for these pages are continually being developed. If you have questions or would like to see a resource added, please contact Cynthia Bacheller, recruiter for Student Success, at or 813-974-4822.