Inclusion Teacher Conference

USF will host the International Inclusive Teacher Education Research Forum from Feb. 13-16.

By Kim Tucker

Special to USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (Feb. 7, 2012) – The University of South Florida College of Education is hosting the 3rd International Inclusive Teacher Education Research Forum Feb. 13-16 an invitational event with one session open to students and the public.


One of the central aims of the symposium is to bring together a collective international expertise in inclusive teacher education research and practice. A particular focus of the forum involves the integration of insider perspectives in their professional learning endeavors.


What is inclusive teacher education? According to Jones, White, Fauske & Carr, 2011, "Inclusion is a system of policy and practices that embraces diversity as a strength, creates a sense of belonging, equal membership, acceptance, and being valued, and involves fundamental civil rights. Inclusive teaching and learning occurs in natural settings, with extensive and appropriate instructional supports, modifications and accommodations that are meaningful to students and teachers."


"This is a great opportunity for USF College of Education to open its doors to an international group of expert researchers who are shaping the discourse around inclusive teacher education. It affords us an opportunity to be an integral part of this developing discourse and be recognized for our cutting edge approaches to research and practice in professional teacher learning,” said Phyllis Jones, associate professor, USF College of Education.  


Contact Ann Mickelson,, for more information about the research seminar scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 15, which is free and open to the public.


Forum members represent leaders in the field of inclusive teacher education and they will be sharing current innovative international research on inclusive teacher education with the USF College of Education and the regional professional community including the USF Center for Autism & Related Disabilities, ASDnet: Multi-Disciplinary Research, Service, and Education in Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the Florida Inclusion Network.


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