President Genshaft Addresses Budget Cuts

To: USF Community, Alumni, Friends

From: Judy Genshaft, President, USF System


The Florida Senate is proposing a total cut of $128 million to the University of South Florida, which means a 60 percent cut to our state appropriation for academic affairs. If passed, the cuts would be immediate and devastating to USF’s students, its research and its contribution to the economic recovery.


This cut is much greater than any other university is being asked to absorb. We have not seen any rationale of how these percentages were allocated in the Senate budget process.


We need your help right now. These cuts would injure our students immediately, and they will strike a blow against economic recovery in the Tampa Bay region and the state.


For updated information, we have created a web page at  to track the impact of the budget proposal. These cuts threaten academic programs for our students, funding for our new College of Pharmacy, and the opportunity to recruit and retain star faculty and researchers.


Please contact your elected legislators, and the governor, and let them know USF needs their help:

- don’t enact these massive cuts to higher education. The cost to our students and our economy is too great.

- don’t single out USF for extraordinary cuts.


If you are a USF employee, please remember to use your personal email and time to contact legislators. To find your legislator, look here:


There are several steps that must occur before this Senate proposal could be mandated. USF has great friends in the Florida Legislature, and we will rely on them to ensure that state allocations are equitable to this university, and that higher education is recognized for its role in galvanizing Florida's economy.


Everyone who cares about the future of USF and the future economic development of the Tampa Bay region should be concerned. 


During the last four years of the recession, USF has worked carefully to reduce the impact on our students. We have maintained our academic majors. We have retained and recruited our great faculty members. In every way, we have dedicated the university to the success of our students and our region. That success is now threatened. For a cut this enormous to come after four years of cuts will threaten what we can offer students.


I urge you to express your concern, and I hope you will thank our elected officials who are fighting on our behalf. 


Thank you again for your support, your encouragement and your commitment to USF.