Women’s Issues and Concerns Online Survey

The Women's Status Committee, an advisory committee to the USF President, has the charge of advising the President of the University on matters affecting women staff, faculty, and students of the University. The committee is particularly concerned with those university policies concerning the welfare and activities of women with regard to educational and employment opportunities at the University. Specifically, we focus on defining activities that the Committee may undertake in support of this charge.

A web-based survey on women's issues and concerns at USF was conducted in November 2007 and the results published in May 2008. Salary equity and career advancement were deemed extremely important although the majority felt that there were adequate career advancement opportunities at USF. Campus safety was an overwhelming concern and students also indicated parking and classes. Feedback also reflected a desire for family-friendly policies and practices, mentoring programs and salary equity information.

We are now conducting a follow-up survey in order to provide an updated report on the status of USF women staff, faculty and students in 2012 and appreciate your taking the time to respond to this short survey.

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2012 USF WSC Committee
B. Smith, Survey Chair