Robots Take the Stage

USF School of Theatre & Dance presents Karel Capek's R.U.R. ("Rossum's Universal Robots") in April.



TAMPA, Fla. (March 28, 2012) – See the play that birthed the word "robot."


Karel Capek's R.U.R. ("Rossum's Universal Robots") imaginatively takes you into a strange robot making factory - where the profits for the sale of robot workers are enormous and the robots outnumber the humans by hundreds. Rossum scientists bioengineer robots that look and act more and more human with each new version. What makes us human? Our brain, our creativity, our soul? This is the question that the humans on Rossum's Island argue as they develop and improve upon the ultimate workforce. And in the answer lies the fate of the future of the world.


The play will be held at the University of South Florida’s Theatre 2 at 8 p.m. on April 4 to April 6; and April 11 to April 14. Also, a 3 p.m. performance will be held April 7 and April 15.


Behind the Scenes Videos of R.U.R.



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