Inaugural Student Success Awards Presented

Every day talented, creative, hard-working staff positively affect the educational experience of USF students. Last week, Vice Provost of Student Success, Dr. Paul Dosal, proudly presented the inaugural Student Success Awards at the USF Outstanding Staff Awards. This was a great opportunity to acknowledge and thank staff who demonstrated a passion for helping students with their educational efforts and goals.

The three staff members who were chosen for this year’s awards are:

Jodie Heinicka, Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development Director
Jodie developed and implemented an innovative program called Enhancing U, which focuses on helping student-athletes’ develop leadership skills, plan their career and cultivate relationships. Through this program, students gain valuable skills related to personal wellness, social development, and responsibility including community involvement and outreach.

Jodie has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of students. She is dedicated, highly organized, and able to juggle the demands of a busy, face-paced, high profile work environment.

With Jodie’s leadership and commitment to excellence, Enhancing U has become a real asset for USF student-athlete recruitment and was instrumental in driving athletes’ grades last semester to record highs.  

Jennifer "JJ" Larson, Case Manager and Program Director for Students of Concern Assistance Team (SOCAT)

In support of Bobbie, Dr. Alan Kent, Assistant Vice President for Health and Wellness, said, "JJ is willing to go above and beyond to assist a distressed student. She is not bound by time or location. Whether it involves contacting a hospital at midnight to check on the status of a student or spending an hour on the weekend trying to locate a parent, JJ does what it takes to assist. She has a dedication and passion to do whatever is necessary to support a student in need. She is a great team player who is always looking out for the best practices in this developing field of college case management and student support. Her actions really do make a difference in helping students overcome their challenges and get back on the road to success."  

Roberta "Bobbie" Muir, Career Counselor at The Career Center

Bobbie single-handedly developed the Career Peer Program, a Student Success initiative for USF. She has worked tirelessly to build the program, hire, and train the eight student peers. Bobbie created a 60 hour training workshop that was customized and developed specifically to train the Career Peers with the career search and coaching skills that were the most critical to deliver. 

Bobbie provides ongoing and advanced training, supervision and consultation to the Career Peers. Due to Bobbie’s training regimen and guidance, the Career Peers are held in high esteem and are seen as invaluable team members by the staff of The Career Center.

The peer to peer coaching sessions have helped hundreds of students be more prepared for conducting successful job search campaigns and focus on their career goals. 

Jodie, Jennifer, and Roberta have positively influenced many students with each of their programs. What does Student Success mean to you? How can you incorporate it into your work day?