Real-World Restaurant Experience

USF business student Kyle Polglaze learns the ins and outs of restaurant management working his on-campus job at Aramark Dining Services.



Photo: Daylina Miller | USF News


By Daylina Miller

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (April 9 ,2012) – If you’ve been to the Champion’s Choice at the University of South Florida, you’ve probably seen Kyle Polglaze serving food, cleaning counters, or overseeing the day-to-day operations of the dining hall.


Polglaze, a business student at USF, is a student manager for Aramark and is one of more than 300 students employed by the company on campus. His responsibilities include counting inventory, ordering food and working with other managers and dieticians to plan menus.


His job provides him real-world restaurant management experience and networking opportunities.


“Working on campus allows for extremely flexible scheduling,” Polglaze said. “Aramark has the ability to adapt to any student’s need and it’s just convenient to work on campus for students. You’re already on campus and you mingle with coaches and administrators. You’re right at the center of USF.”



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Polglaze pointed out that students who work on campus save on gas money because they don’t have to commute to an off-campus job. They can also work shorter shifts in between classes, like Polglaze sometimes does, when his class schedule calls for it.


Polglaze started working for Aramark in 2009 as a chef for the Fresh Food Company at the Argos Residential Hall. He went on to become a prep cook and then a student manager for Juniper-Poplar Dining.


After a summer spent learning various departments, like marketing, human resources, residential dining, and retail and catering, Polglaze helped open Champion’s Choice last fall by setting up equipment, hiring new employees and “getting the experience of essentially opening a brand-new restaurant,” Polgaze said.


Because of his job at Aramark, Polglaze has had networking opportunities and real-world experience, combined with flexible scheduling, that an off-campus job probably could not have given him, he said. He said he envisions himself going into restaurant management after graduation.


“It's one of the best jobs I've had because of the flexibility and the networking and the friendship you find from just working on campus,” Polglaze said. “Your life is here.”


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