Be the Solution to Stormwater Pollution

Did you know washing your vehicle can potentially have an impact on your drinking water? Washing cars and degreasing auto parts can send oils, detergents, and other contaminants through the storm sewer system. The stormwater that runs through the university ultimately enters Lake Behnke and other area streams and eventually ends up in the Hillsborough River. Wash your automobile in designated car wash areas away from storm drains.  

The University of South Florida strives to mitigate the impact of Stormwater runoff from its facilities through implementation of numerous best management practices that will minimize contributions to stormwater pollution.  

Please visit the USF Stormwater Management Program website to learn about: 

Stormwater regulations

USF’s steps to minimize Stormwater pollution

Ways you can help prevent Stormwater pollution on campus and at home

To report illicit discharges or spills to the storm sewer system, contact Environmental Health & Safety at 813-974-4036. After normal business hours, contact the University Police Department at 813-974-2628. 

The USF Stormwater Permit Workgroup includes representatives from Facilities Planning & Construction, the Division of Environmental Health & Safety, and Physical Plant.