Presidential Visit on Trade

USF officials attend Obama’s visit to the Port of Tampa where he stumps for expanded trade opportunities.


Maria Yepes (left) and Eileen Rodriguez attended Friday's visit to the Port of Tampa by President Obama.


TAMPA, Fla. (April 13, 2012) – The University of South Florida was represented at Friday’s visit to the Port of Tampa by President Obama, who made a quick stop here before heading to Colombia for a summit.


Eileen Rodriguez, regional director of the Florida Small Business Development Center Network at the University of South Florida, and Maria Yepes, a business analyst with the network specializing in international trade, were invited to attend the president’s visit.


During the brief stopover, Obama announced his administration is pushing an initiative to connect small businesses with foreign businesses that want U.S. goods.


“The White House’s push for small businesses to export is plain and simple economics,’’ said Rodriguez. “ The monetary infusion from other countries buying our products boosts gross domestic product so we need to sell, rather than buy.”