Students Design Personal Health Systems

In a new course offered by USF, students designed products to benefit medical patients and health-conscious individuals.


By Daylina Miller

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (May 9, 2012) – To keep up with emerging technology and new scientific discoveries, new courses are created at the University of South Florida. In some of these courses, students are encouraged to design and create their own products.


Design of Public Health Systems, taught by Andrew Raij is a class of undergraduate and graduate students that explores emerging sensor and smartphone technology to create products that cater to patients directly, instead of to doctors or hospitals.


This is the first semester the course has been offered and students can currently sign up to take it for Fall 2012.


Here are the four projects student groups created:


·         A wristband to help people increase their body's vitamin D production.  The wristband measures sun exposure and provides real-time feedback on how much sun the wearer has been exposed to that day.


·         A video game that encourages kids to be more physically active.  In the game, students must escape a collapsing building by running.  Running is detected using an XBox Kinect sensor.


·         A smartphone application that helps people with detailed exercise routines more accurately keeps track of day-to-day workouts.


·         A hip and knee surgery rehabilitation system that helps patients manage the amount of weight they are putting on an operated leg.  A simple sensor in the patient's shoe sends weight information to a mobile phone, which can then warn the patient in real-time when they put too much pressure on the leg.


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