USF Students in Peru

Members of the USF chapter of Nourish International will help build a medical clinic this summer.


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By Daylina Miller

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (May 30. 2012) – While some students are taking summer courses and others are enjoying their semester off, seven students from the University of South Florida will be traveling to Peru to help build a medical clinic.


The students are members of a USF chapter of an organization called Nourish International, a group that seeks to help end global poverty. Members raise money through business endeavors called “ventures” and use it to fund a project or send to charities addressing poverty.


The students started with a goal of $4,500 this year and through fundraising and an anonymous $2,500 donation, they increased their goal and eventually raised more than $5,500.


“I got a call about the donation and I cried in my car on the way home from the gym,” said Adrienne Mael, the president of USF’s chapter of Nourish International. “It’s such a redeeming thing, to have someone give you that much money. It makes you realize you’re in it for the right reasons and other people care.”


Part of the chapter’s success was a partnership with Cornell University that allowed them to do joint fundraisers. Students from that university will be joining them in Peru.


One of the ventures this year was sidewalk symphonies at restaurants in the university area. The USF chapter invited local bands like decaf DNA out to play in an effort to help the restaurant increase revenue for the night so they could get a percentage of the profit for their club.


The money Mael and other members raised will help the Bello Horizonte Health Clinic to open in the fall in the Moche Valley in Peru. The clinic will provide free and subsidized health services for the community, as well as educational workshops for families to teach them about healthy lifestyles.


The rates of infant mortality, maternal mortality, parasitic disease-related death and other treatable and preventable deaths are high in Peru because health services are scarce.


Nourish is partnering with an organization local to Peru to build the clinic. Moche, Inc.  is an organization dedicated to improving the standard of living in impoverished communities, preserving archaeological sites, and promoting research and education on the cultural heritage of Peru.


“Students are going to work right alongside the community members in Peru to build the clinic,” said Mackenzie Tewell, vice president of the USF chapter. “They also are helping to run a few health fairs and they’re going to be also building and cleaning up a playground that’s adjacent to the clinic.”


If you’re interested in donating money to this cause, please visit the USF Nourish International Fundraising page.



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