Two Faculty Named Distinguished University Professor (DUP) for 2012

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce that two of our faculty colleagues have been named Distinguished University Professor (DUP) for 2012. Being selected as a DUP involves an intensive internal and external review of the faculty member’s credentials that culminates in selection by the DUP Recommending Committee. These outstanding professors will have their titles formally bestowed at the Faculty Honors & Awards ceremony to be held during the Fall 2012 semester. With commentary from the DUP Recommending Committee included, they are:

Professor Yogi Goswami, Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. Goswami is the John and Naida Ramil Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering and the director of the Florida Energy Systems Consortium in the College of Engineering. He is internationally recognized for his work in the area of solar photocatalytic detoxification and disinfection, passive cooling, and a novel thermodynamic cycle of power and cooling form low temperature energy sources and waste heat. It is noteworthy that this thermodynamic cycle is known in the literature as the “Goswami Cycle”. He has published over 200 refereed papers, book chapters, and edited 16 books. He was honored by election to the prestigious Pan American Academy of Engineering in 2009. In addition, he has chaired numerous meetings and served as editor of many of the top journals in the field. The committee expressed its belief that Dr. Goswami’s is a most deserving candidate and recommended him enthusiastically for the honor of being named Distinguished University Professor.

Professor James Stock, Department of Management & Organization, College of Business

Dr. Stock is a Professor in the Department of Management & Organization in the College of Business whose area of expertise is Supply Chain Management. He is recognized internationally for his research and scholarly activities in the field of Logistics, and has been honored for his contributions with numerous awards including the Armitage and Eccles Medals from the International Society of Logistics. He is frequently invited to speak throughout the world in recognition of his preeminent stature in the field. The reviewing committee of experts stressed the important role Dr. Stock has played in the field of logistics and the impact this has had in academia and industry. Closer to home, Dr. Stock has contributed to the education missions of the Department of Management & Organization and has mentored a number of graduate students. The committee believed that Dr. Stock’s contributions to USF, the high level of his scholarship, and international reputation made him a particularly deserving candidate and recommended him enthusiastically for being named a Distinguished University Professor.

Being nominated for DUP status is a significant honor because it indicates that the individual has an outstanding scholarly record and has made significant contributions to USF and her/his profession. With this in mind, I wish to congratulate Professor Joel Thompson (Department of Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences) whose candidacy advanced to consideration by the DUP Recommending Committee, and to extend my admiration for all that he has accomplished.

I must take this opportunity to acknowledge the dedication shown by members of the DUP Recommending Committee since they face the challenging task of making their selections from an impressive pool of worthy candidates. This year’s Committee consisted of Professors Roger Ariew, Robert Deschenes (Chair), P. Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill, Santo Nicosia, Nagarajan Ranganathan, John Skvoretz, and Robert Weisberg. Moreover, Senior Vice Provost Dwayne Smith, along with Ms. Maryhelen Shuman-Groh from the Provost’s Office, are to be commended for supporting the important work of the Committee.

Please join me in congratulating our 2012 Distinguished University Professors, Yogi Goswami and James Stock.

Best Regards,

Ralph C. Wilcox
Provost and Executive Vice President