USF Recognizes the Importance of Jury Duty

The University of South Florida Human Resources Division would like to remind USF employees of the esteemed importance of participating in the justice system when called upon to serve as a juror.

USF supports this responsibility and service to citizenship by offering administrative leave to benefits-eligible employees by covering absences from work to uphold this civic duty. Employees must provide a copy of the summons to their supervisor in order to seek approval for this administrative leave.  

Coverage is given for all hours required to serve as a juror, not to exceed the number of hours in the employee’s regular workday. If jury duty does not require absence for the entire day, the employee should return to work immediately upon release by the court if no other arrangements for leave have been made with their supervisor.

USF would like to thank you for giving your attention to this matter and for recognizing your responsibility to participate in the justice system.

For more detailed information on administrative leave, click here.