USF Faculty Experts

USF faculty members are available to the media to comment on a host of issues, trends and emerging topics of interest.


By USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 22, 2012) – Whether the topic involves the economy, politics, health care or another area, University of South Florida faculty who are experts in that field are making themselves available to the media to provide insight and context.


It’s expected the crush of media in Tampa to cover the Republican National Convention will seek out experts to discuss politics, policy and topics that are brought up on the national political stage, in commentary surrounding the event and even in coffee shops where locals will banter about issues that impact the daily lives of Americans.


USF faculty are available in areas specific to the impact of the RNC on Tampa, including transportation, weather and tropical storms, economic impact of the event, protests and civil disturbances and media coverage. Other topics covered include foreign policy, immigration, social issues, veterans issues, education and the environment.


View the list of USF faculty experts here.


For a general list of USF experts, download this PDF. For a list of USF experts on topics impacting Tampa during the Republican National Convention, download this PDF.