Bull Market Fun

Each Wednesday, the open-air shopping experience takes place outside the Marshall Student Center.


Video: Katy Hennig | USF News


By Katy Hennig

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 11, 2012) – Once a week during the school year, on Wednesday, the sidewalks outside Marshall Student Center at the University of South Florida are lined with tables offering all types of products and services.


Students and staff stroll and shop at Bull Market, an open-air market that has become a campus tradition.


“It’s an outside event that we have for students,” said Pedro Henry, Graduate Assistant in charge of organizing Bull Market.


The market is designed to showcase vendors who want to provide information about their company and what they do, or vendors across the region who want to sell products.


Vendors from across Tampa Bay area have been attending Bull Market for years, selling their specialty items.


Bull Market is a great way for students to learn more about USF. Representatives from nearly all student organizations set up at the market and students can learn about topics and events on campus that may interest them.


Since the 1960’s, Bull Market has been a tradition on the USF campus, encouraging small business, commerce and providing information about activities.


 “It’s really a nice vibe, people really enjoy their time here. Vendors and student organizations really enjoy their time here,” said Henry.


Though the market has evolved quite a bit over the years, the theme remains the same. Beautiful weather and great deals makes Bull Market the best place to be Wednesdays on campus.


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