Careers@USF is Improving

Human Resources is excited to announce a new change to Careers@USF, the university’s job-posting and applicant-tracking system. Beginning in the spring of 2013, Careers@USF will be improved with the incorporation of new PeopleSoft (GEMS) software.

The improved version of Careers@USF will provide the following:

- Significant annual savings to the university by eliminating the current third party vendor.
- Improved efficiency through the use of a common database.
- Improved reporting capabilities – With all applicant and posting information in GEMS, data will be available to users via the PeopleSoft query tool.
- Smooth transition – Since most of the current employee users are experienced with GEMS and FAST applications, navigation within the program will have a familiar look and feel.
- Ability to further simplify and upgrade PeopleSoft functionality based on future needs.

For the majority of employees, this change means that you will have an improved program to use when applying for jobs within the USF System. If you have a job application hosted in the current program, you will need to enter a new application into the system once the improved version goes live. The system will look and feel similar to what you experience when using GEMS and FAST.

For employees who use the Careers@USF system in their daily job function, additional transition information and user training will be provided as the implementation date approaches.