Correction Statement

Correction: It was brought to our attention that the article submitted by the St. Petersburg campus in last week’s Inside USF was incorrect. In that article, it was stated that Dr. Todd Shank was the first in the USF System to receive a Quality Matters (QM) certification for his online course. To clarify, Dr. Shank was the first faculty member at USF St. Petersburg to receive it, but not the first from within the USF System. The story was updated immediately and that reference was removed from USFSP’s website.

The faculty members listed below earned their QM certification at USF Polytechnic (now USF in Lakeland). This information was obtained directly from QM’s website.

Physical Changes and Aging (GEY3601)
Faculty Developer(s):  Dr. Megan Janke
Date Recognized: 2012-05-24 

History and Systems of Psychology (PSY4604)
Faculty Developer(s):  Dr. L. Jo Elliott
Date Recognized: 2012-05-15 

Intro to GIS for Criminal Justice (CCJ4933)
Faculty Developer(s):  Dr. Kim Lersch
Date Recognized: 2012-03-11 

Sociocultural Aspects of Aging (GEY 3625)
Faculty Developer(s):  Dr. Megan Janke
Date Recognized: 2011-12-27 

Intro to Nutrition (HUN 2201)
Faculty Developer(s):  Dr. Lauri Wright
Date Recognized: 2011-12-08 

Film & Culture (ENG 4674)
Faculty Developer(s):  Dr. John Lennon
Date Recognized: 2011-06-20 

Dr. Lennon was the first USF System faculty member listed on Quality Matter’s website.