USF Straw Poll Favors Obama

President Obama receives more than 60 percent of the vote by USF students, who say economy, jobs and education are top issues.


One of the straw polling stations was set up outside the Marshall Student Center.          Photo: Adam Freeman | USF News


From USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (Oct. 15, 2012) – Sixty-three percent of the University of South Florida students voting in Monday’s campus straw poll favored  President Obama’s reelection bid, just a slight 1 percentage drop from the level of support in 2008.


Republican Mitt Romney was the choice of 30 percent of the USF students, with lesser known candidates rounding out the field with single digit percentages.


“College students still align solidly with President Obama, a trend that tracks with national polls,” said USF Political Science Professor Susan MacManus. “The challenge for the President is getting them to turnout on election day.”


The event was sponsored by the campus political honor society Pi Sigma Alpha, USF’s Honors College and Student Government.  


A total of 1,645 ballots were cast in the straw poll, held at six locations around campus. In 2008 on the same poll Obama got 64 percent.


Heaven Hale, a USF Student and member of Pi Sigma Alpha said: “The turnout was much higher than I expected. It surprises me that President Obama’s numbers are almost as high as 2008. I thought he would have had more of a drop off.”


The results on major questions in the straw poll were:



Romney:  30%

Obama:  63%

Others: Gary Johnson, 3%; Jill Stein, 2%; all others, 2%



Mack:  30%

Nelson:  60%

Others: 10%



Which of the following issues is most important to you in selecting who to vote for in 2012?

Economy/Jobs:  45%

Education:  31%

Health Care:  12%

Government Corruption:  7%

Foreign Policy:  5%


Party Registration:

Democrats: 40%

Republicans: 25%

Independents: 23%

Others: 12%


Where do you get most of your campaign news from?

Television: 55%

Newspapers (print and online): 24%

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter: 15%

Radio: 5%


Amendment 6-       

Yes:  29%

No:  49%

Don’t know enough about it yet:  22%


Amendment 8-

Yes:  56%

No:  22 %

Don’t know enough about it yet:  22%


Amendment 12-

Yes:  35%

No:  16%

Don’t know enough about it yet:  49%


Polling in the election-year tradition was conducted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at six locations on campus: the Marshall Student Center; the library; Juniper-Poplar residence hall; Cooper Hall; and the colleges of Business and Engineering.