USF Professor Receives Awards

USF marine science professor wins mentorship award and is named a fellow of Paleontological Society.


From USF News


ST.  PETERSBURG, Fla. (Nov. 26, 2012) – University of South Florida College of Marine Science Professor Pamela Hallock-Muller is known for both her teaching and her research, and this month has two new honors recognizing her efforts.


Hallock-Muller has been awarded the Sloan Faculty Mentor Award and been elected as a 2012 Fellow of the Paleontological Society, an international body which promotes the science of paleontology.


Fellows of the Paleontological Society are recognized for significant contributions to the field through research, teaching, and service. Hallock-Muller applies paleontological sciences to her research on coral reefs, gaining insight on human impact on the fragile organisms and future ecosystems by studying the geologic record. Her lab’s work touches on a myriad of issues, including coral reef ecology, environmental management and global environmental change.


Hallock-Muller joined USF in 1983 as an associate professor in the then Department of Marine Science and has been a full professor since 1988. More than 50 masters and PhD students have studied with her.


Hallock-Muller was nominated for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Minority PhD Program’s Mentor of the Year Award by Marine Science PhD candidate Michael Martínez-Colón. The award was presented by the Compact for Faculty Diversity, which sponsors the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, a four-day conference that is the largest gathering of minority doctoral scholars in the country. Each year, only one faculty advisor from Sloan programs throughout the nation is selected for “demonstrated excellence in mentoring, contributions to increasing diversity and meeting other goals of the Compact’s Mission.”  


“She has the motivation and creativity needed to help and guide graduate students in developing interesting questions leading to research projects,” Martínez-Colón said of Hallock-Muller.


“She has the courage to stand by you when you are right but has more courage to say when you are wrong.  Also, Dr. Hallock-Muller is one of the few people in higher education, in my experience, who has not forgotten what it is to be a student, especially a graduate student.” Martínez-Colón said of Hallock-Muller.