New USF Calendar of Events Now Live

December 12, 2012

Editorial Plan

Current USF students, alumni, Tampa community, prospective students, faculty, staff, parents of USF students and friends of the university.

To promote major USF-sponsored events that are open to the public, and to inform the community about important university dates and deadlines. 

Admission, registration, financial aid and other important university dates and deadlines; university holidays and breaks; major USF-sponsored events that are open to the public, such as commencement, homecoming, open lectures, arts performances and athletic events; USF BOT meetings and search committee meetings, which are open to the public and required by law to be posted; infrastructure maintenance information from Facilities Planning, Parking and Transportation Services and Information Technology.

Content that is NOT appropriate for submission includes: non-USF events; non-USF dates and deadlines; staff meetings and other internal activities; invitation-only events.

Submission Guidelines

Anyone with a NetID can submit an event to the calendar. However, no event will post to the calendar without content manager approval. The content manager reserves the right to deny any event posting at any time for any reason. 

Please note: Content must be submitted at least three business days before you want the content to display on the calendar. 

To submit an event for consideration:

1. Go to the USF homepage

2. Click on the link "USF CALENDAR" to view the calendar.

3. Click on the link "Submit an Event," which is located at the bottom of the calendar's left side navigation.

4. This will take you to USF's universal NetID login screen. Log in using your NetID and password.

5. This will take you to the Bedework Public Event Submission web page. Once you've reviewed the instructions, click "Start."

6. Fill in the required fields, including the event's title, date, time and description. You can also include cost information and an event URL, if applicable. 

Please be aware that there is a character limit of 5000 (which includes spaces) on the description. If you exceed this amount you will receive an error and will need to re-enter your information.

For search committee notices. The language required by law to be included must be entered in the Description field. This calendar does not add it automatically.

Please use the End Date option in lieu of Duration. This allows for the item to download properly in the iCal format.  

Please use the Event URL to link to any files (jpg, PDF). The Image URL will not be functional. 

Then click "Next."

7. Select a location from the dropdown menu. Most campus locations already exist within the menu. If you do not find your location in the menu, then enter your location in the fields below the menu. 

Only the main building is in the drop down menu, not every room within that building. For example, you will see "Marshall Student Center", not "Marshal Student Center Room 3707". To indicate a specific room, please include that information within the Description field. 

If your event is not on a USF campus, then select "Off Campus" as the location and add any address information in the Description field. 

Then click "Next."

8. Select a contact from the dropdown menu. Note that the contact MUST be a unit, not an individual. (i.e. University Communications and Marketing, not Stephanie Harff.) Many units already exist within the menu. If you do not find your unit's contact information in the menu, then enter your unit's contact information in the fields below the menu. Then click "Next."

Any contact addition request that does not include either a phone number, URL, or email address of the unit (not an individual) will NOT be added.

9. Suggest topical areas from the list. In doing so, you are requesting that your event display in a certain subfolder within the calendar. Please note that "Featured Events" is reserved for the main calendar administrator only and is not to be used. If you have trouble selecting a topical area, then briefly describe your event in the field titled "Type of event" at the bottom of the list. Then click "Next."   

10. Enter your email address and any notes for the calendar's content manager. Then click "Submit for Approval."

You can edit your event up until it is approved by visiting the "My Pending Events" tab while logged in. After the event has been approved, you will no longer have access to it and will need to contact us to make any changes. 

For additional assistance, any questions, or to make changes to an already approved event, please email Gina D'Alessio.