Careers@USF - The Transition Begins

The transition has begun to replace the application software behind Careers@USF, the program used by the university to hire new employees, facilitate department and "reports to" changes, and request new positions or reclassify existing positions.  The new application will be available to you via GEMS Self-Service on Monday, March 18.

What’s so exciting about this change?

Functionality – In addition to doing everything that the current application does, your new application will allow for future enhancements that will make your work more efficient.

Comfortable – It’s GEMS!  Your new application will look and feel the same as GEMS Self-Service, FAST and other PeopleSoft modules that you may currently be using.

Efficient – All of your employee and applicant related information (job posting, applicants, supervisor changes, etc.) are housed in one application.  In addition, all transactions are real time – you will no longer need to wait until an interface runs to access data changes.  

Streamlined – Since applicants apply to positions through GEMS, basic operations including RightStart paperwork and offer letters (future functionality) will be generated through the system.

Support – A team of internal-process experts will be available to help you transition to the new application.  You will be supported through hands-on training, job aides and help desk assistance to make this transition as smooth as possible.

For the majority of employees, this change means that you will have an improved program to use when applying for jobs within the USF System. If you have a job application hosted in the current program, you will need to enter a new application into the system once the improved version goes live. The system will look and feel similar to what you experience when using GEMS Self-Service and FAST.

Watch for upcoming updates on this project.  Also, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available here and will be regularly updated throughout the transition.   

If you have questions that you would like to be addressed through the FAQs, please e-mail them to:  Your questions will be answered in upcoming communications.