2012-2013 Graduate Student Research Challenge Grant

The 2012-2013 Graduate Student Research Challenge Grant awardees presented their final research findings on Friday, January 25th, at the Marshall Center to a well-attended audience of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  Eight teams of students presented and the names and titles of presentations are found below.  The Research Challenge Grants are competitive and students can apply in August of each year.  Teams must be interdisciplinary and are awarded $5,000 to conduct the year-long projects.  Awardees have utilized their findings for professional presentations, peer-reviewed publications, and theses and dissertations.  More information about the Challenge Grants can be found under the Research Tab on the Graduate School website (grad.usf.edu).  Congratulations students!
1. Title: A Non-Communicable Disease Profile and Explanatory Models of Obesity in High Risk Refugee Communities of South Florida: A Mixed Method Approach to Understanding Barriers and Behaviors Related to Chronic Disease

Research Team:
Ethel Saryee (Team Leader)—College of Arts & Sciences—Anthropology
- Gino Collura—Colleges of Arts & Sciences—Anthropology
- Ashley Gallentine—Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Public Health—Anthropology and Community & Family Health
- Nicole Falk-Smith—Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Public Health—Anthropology and Community & Family Health

2. Title: Variation in Hippocampal-Dependent Behaviors and Neurogenesis During a Range Expansion

Research Team:
Andrea Liebl (Team Leader)—College of Arts and Sciences—Integrative Biology
- Justin Trotter—Morsani College of Medicine—Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology
- S. Leilani Kellogg—College of Arts and Sciences— Psychology
- Tina Fiorelli—Morsani College of Medicine—Molecular Medicine

3. Title: Reevaluating the Impact of Urban Agriculture on Food Accessibility through GIS Modeling: An Assets-Based Approach to Food Desert Research

Research Team:
Margeaux Chavez (Team Leader) —College of Arts & Sciences—Anthropology
- David Godfrey—College of Arts & Sciences— Anthropology
- Susan Tyler—Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Public Health—Anthropology and Community & Family Health
- Lorraine Monteagut—College of Arts & Sciences—Geography, Environment & Planning

4. Title: Evaluating Maternal Nutrition in the North-Central Andes of Peru: Opportunity for Assessment and Action

Research Team:
Allison Cantor (Team Leader)—College of Arts & Sciences—Anthropology
- Kristina Baines—College of Arts & Sciences—Anthropology
- Isabella Chan—Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Public Health—Anthropology and Global Health
- Curtis DeVetter—College of Public Health—Global Health

5. Title: Exploring Fetal Origins of Diabetes: Associations between Maternal Stressors during Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes in the Population of Puerto Rico

Research Team:
Juan Pablo Arroyo (Team Leader)—College of Arts & Sciences—Anthropology
- Coralia Vázquez-Otero—College of Public Health—Community & Family Health
- Eunae Cho—College of Arts & Sciences—Psychology
- Charlotte Noble— College of Arts & Sciences—Anthropology

6. Title: Exploring Tampa Bay’s Greener Future: Estimating Air Pollution Emissions from Transportation Networks in Two Urban Planning Scenarios

Research Team:
Haofei Yu (Team Leader)—College of Public Health—Environmental & Occupational Health
- Sashikanth Gurram—College of Engineering—Civil & Environmental Engineering
- Aiah Yassin—College of Arts & Sciences—Geography, Environment & Planning
- Tomohiko Music— College of Arts & Sciences—Geography, Environment & Planning

7. Title: Integration of a Brain-Computer Interface with Intelligent Machine Vision to Control a Robotic Arm and Enhance Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities

Research Team:
Anthony Murphy (Team Leader)—College of Arts & Sciences—Psychology
- Siri-Maria Kamp—College of Arts & Sciences—Psychology
- Karan Khokar—College of Engineering—Mechanical Engineering
- Glen Forester—College of Arts & Sciences—Psychology
- Indika Pathirage—College of Engineering—Computer Science & Engineering

8. Title: Towards Sustainability in Food Service: Food Waste Reduction and Recycling for Energy and Fertilizer Use at an Environmental Charter School

Research Team:
Robert Bair (Team Leader)—College of Engineering—Civil & Environmental Engineering
- Onur Ozcan—College of Engineering—Civil & Environmental Engineering
- Steven Williams—College of Arts & Sciences—Anthropology
- Rebecca Loraamm—College of Arts & Sciences—Geography, Environment & Planning
- Herby Jean—College of Engineering—Civil & Environmental Engineering