Sifting Out the Crumbs

A Cereal Sifter device captured the top prize in the 5th Annual USF Young Innovators Competition.


Video: Katy Hennig | USF News

From USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (Feb. 12, 2013) – The Cereal Sifter topped the competition Monday night during the 5th annual USF Young Innovators Competition held at the Patel Center at the University of South Florida. 


Other judge favorites included the Lawn Mower Chute Clearer and Hear-rings, both designed  by young inventors from the Tampa Bay region.


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The top 10 competitors invented ways to solve problems and created something to improve the world around them. The competition is a tradition honoring Thomas Alva Edison’s birthday.


Almost 600 students participated in the competition.


Patent attorney Anton Hopen and his daughter Anna initiated the competition five years ago to inspire creativity and ingenuity.


On Monday, the top 10 competitors presented their inventions for an opportunity to win prizes. The National Academy of Inventors, USF Chapter selected the finalists.  Judging of the inventions was based on creativity and originality; quality and persuasiveness of entrant’s presentation; benefit to people; and the invention’s marketability. Click here for a list of finalists.


The USF Young Innovator Competition promotes innovation and creativity in young people by motivating them to solve problems and improve upon the things around them.  For more details on the competition, visit the USF Young Innovator website at


All finalists were awarded a membership to MOSI for a year and winner Mica Jadick received $1,000 for herself as well as her school, Martinez Middle. Jadick’s Cereal Sifter filters out the crumbs in the bottom of cereal boxes.


Second Place winner was George Seits for his French-fry condiment holder, and Katie Warren took third place for her Boo Boo Baboon, a plush toy that holds a cold pack around a child’s injured arm or leg.