Graduate Student Ambassadors Announced

The Graduate School is pleased to announce and introduce to the University of South Florida community, the inaugural group of graduate students selected to serve as Graduate Student Ambassadors.

These students will serve as official representative of the Graduate School and represent their colleges in an advisory capacity to the Dean. They will participate in Dialogue with the Dean (DWD) meetings, advise other graduate school administrators on matters of interest to graduate students, serve on Graduate School and University committees, represent their colleges and programs on the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) and participate in other special Graduate School programs or projects (e.g. New Graduate Student Orientation, Open House, Week of Welcome, and Graduate Student Appreciation Week).

The graduate students listed below were selected to represent the various colleges:

College of Arts & Sciences
Jennifer Borja
Alex Bravo
Eileen Dabrowski
Fillipe Dias Moreira de Souza
Mabel Duran-Sanchez
Jammarie Pena
Prisca Suarez
Salahuddin Syed
Jennifer Whalen
Mary Catherine Whitlock

College of Behavioral & Community Sciences
Jason Dobrow
Amy Eggers
Mathew Lynch
Jessica Russo
Alisa Tabak

College of Business
Ilya Orlik
Shannon Wide

College of Education
Kenzalia Bryant-Scott
Edward DiMarco
Sarah Geiger
William Holder
Jessica Vazquez

College of Engineering
Vinicio Carias
Kermit Falk
Syed Ali Gardezi
Christine Prouty

College of Nursing
Glenna Brewster
Jennifer McDonnell

College of Public Health 
Terrill Curtis
Shivani Gona
Krystal Hill

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming these students as Graduate Student Ambassadors.