Careers@USF – Employee Applications

New changes are coming soon to Careers@USF, the online system used by the university to advertise and fill open positions. On Monday, March 18, 2013, Careers@USF will transition into a new and improved system that will allow the university to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process while reducing the cost of system updates and maintenance. The new system will look and feel similar to what you experience when using GEMS Self-Service and FAST.

How will this affect USF employees?

As a current USF employee, you may have used the Careers@USF system to apply for your current job. Some employees also keep an updated job application saved in the Careers@USF system in case a new employment opportunity arises within the university.

As Careers@USF makes this transition, job applications that are housed within the current system will not transfer into the new system. Therefore, on and after March 18, anyone interested in applying to a new position at USF will need to create a new job application in Careers@USF. 

Direct access to the Careers@USF system will change on March 18 for employees on Staff, Administration and Faculty positions. To access Careers@USF, these employees will go through GEMS Self-Service. This change will provide added convenience as the new Careers@USF system will automatically recognize your GEMS data.

Temporary/OPS employees, student employees and applicants external to USF will continue to access USF’s job site through the Careers@USF website.

Please continue to watch Inside USF for additional information regarding this exciting change.