Employee Tuition Program

Today is the last day to submit Employee Tuition Program (ETP) request forms for the Summer 2013 semester.

If you are considering utilizing the program, ETP request forms must be submitted to your regional campus representative no later than 5 p.m. today, Thursday, May 16, 2013.

Submit completed forms through the following methods:

Tampa and Lakeland Campuses: E-mail Suzy Siegmann at ssiegmann@usf.edu, fax to 
(813) 974-5227 or drop off at the Human Resources Office in SVC 2172. 

St. Petersburg Campus: E-mail Kristen Smuder at ksmuder@mail.usf.edu, fax to (727) 873-4164 or drop off at the Human Resources Office in Bayboro 206. 

Sarasota Campus: E-mail Theresa Scott at tmscott@sar.usf.edu, fax to (941) 359-4309 or drop off at the Human Resources Office in SMC B112. 

To find more detailed information about employee eligibility, course eligibility, student fees, or frequently asked questions, please visit the Employee Tuition Program website.

Please Note:  Under the Internal Revenue Code 127, the value of tuition paid by the employer is taxable for graduate-level courses. The Internal Revenue Code also contains an exemption for this liability up to $5,250 per calendar year for employer provided non-job-related educational assistance. It is very important that your supervisor indicate on the ETP Form whether the classes you are taking are an extension of training in your current position. Undergraduate courses are exempt.

If you have already submitted your request form for this semester, thank you for your promptness and good luck with your studies.