Teaching Assistants Honored

Graduate Teaching Assistants were recognized and honored Monday at the Provost's Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Teaching Assistant event hosted by the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence.  This award is given annually to winners in four categories: Arts and Humanities, Health and Medicine, Education/Business and STEM. The honor recognizes the important role of Teaching Assistants in fulfilling USF's commitment to excellence in undergraduate education and student success.

Teaching assistants submitted portfolios which included their teaching philosophy, examples of materials used in class, student evaluations, descriptions of what made their teaching style unique, and a video which demonstrated their classroom work.

There were four honorable mention awards and four Provost’s Award winners who each received a $1,000 stipend – always a highlight of the awards. 

Award winners:

Provost's Award – Matthew Morrison (Computer Science and Engineering) 
Honorable Mention – Himanshu Verma (Physics)

Arts and Humanities
Provost's Award – Daniel Richards (English)
Honorable Mention – Daniel Collette (Philosophy)

Education/Business/Social Science
Provost's Award – Chris Metzger (Geography, Environment, and Planning)
Honorable Mention – Barb LoFrisco (Psychological and Social Foundations)

Health and Medicine
Provost's Award – Amanda Holup (Behavioral and Community Sciences)
Honorable Mention – Vanessa Chee (Community and Family Health)