Dance Festival Highlights

Hosted by USF, the 2013 Florida Dance Festival exposes dance students to different teaching methods.


Visiting dance instructor Heather Maloney of Miami (left) teaches dance techniques during the Florida Dance Festival. Photos: Katy Hennig | USF News


By Katy Hennig

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (June19, 2013) - Dance students from the University of South Florida have a unique opportunity to join other community members in a new dance experience.


The 2013 Florida Dance Festival is underway at USF’s Tampa campus and is a collection of elite dancers from around the country sharing and teaching in the 12 day festival.


USF student Dazaun Soleyn is a Dance major and this is his fourth year participating in the Dance festival.


“Tampa doesn’t really have an influx of a lot of different intensives and opportunities for students to experience different styles. This is a very inexpensive way for students to get a taste of other teachers with different perspectives from different states,” said Soleyn.


The benefits for students include exposure to different types of movement and instruction.


“It’s different teaching methods,” said Soleyn. “Usually it’s the same technique all across the board, but a different teacher might impact you in a different way then your teacher. It’s a vocabulary that they may use that sparks something different in you. “


Visiting artist Heather Maloney is from Miami and is at the festival performing as well as teaching a modern technique dance class. Moves include a hybrid of floor and repertoire.


Performances will be held at USF School of Theatre and Dance beginning Wednesday evening and continue through Saturday June 29.  Click here for performance information and to purchase tickets.