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USF student will compete in the 33rd National Veterans Wheelchair Games.


Video by Katy Hennig


By Katy Hennig
USF News


UPDATE: Dwayne Scheuneman placed first in all four events that he competed in during the National Veterans Wheelchair Games Monday, July 15. The events were the 100, 200, 400 and 800 meter track races.


TAMPA, Fla. (July 9, 2013) – Dwayne Scheuneman is always on the move. Whether he’s dancing, racing, or studying he approaches life with a high level of energy.


That’s why when the Navy veteran injured himself in a swimming pool accident more than 15 years ago, his first words after realizing he was paralyzed were, “Game on.”


It’s with that vigor that Scheuneman approaches all of life’s challenges – from traveling across town in the snow on a bus in Buffalo, New York or teaching a classroom full of children at St. Petersburg’s Great Explorations preschool.  He currently is pursuing his Elementary Education degree at University of South Florida St. Petersburg.


His decision to move away from the snowy climate in the North led him to the Tampa Bay area, where he has found an incredible support system within the Haley Veterans Hospital as well as the University of South Florida community.


“So I raced in Jacksonville for about a year, and that is just where I started figuring out the whole track and field scene, and when I was there I heard that James A. Haley had a whole unit for spinal cord injuries and decided to move to Tampa in 2000,” said Scheuneman.


His racing days were just beginning his competitive nature kicked in and he was hooked. He raced for several years and participated in the Veterans Wheelchair Games in Los Angeles in 2003. He stresses the importance of having an active lifestyle and what the Veterans Wheelchair Games can provide to vets.


“It’s an opportunity for disabled vets. The importance of the game is it really is an outlet, helping vets dealing with injuries, and as the recreational therapist at VA tells me, you can maximize your potential, find that o­utlet,” said Scheuneman.


Scheuneman got involved with dance and became so passionate about teaching children and adults with mixed abilities that he started his own dance company, REVolutions, leaving his track days behind.


He performs all over the country and has been collaborating with USF’s Dance department for more than ten years, including a project called The Rolling Dance Chair.


It was only when he was dealing with a recent shoulder impingement that he started to go back to the VA for occupational therapy. He then learned the 33rd Veterans Wheelchair Games would be held in Tampa, and his competitive spirit kicked in.


“I thought the games are here in Tampa, I want to represent Tampa, and the Tampa VA has always been supportive of me, so I’ll compete in these games. I don’t know if I’ll keep racing after that. Since I’ve been training I’ve started to think maybe I can dance and race, so that’s where I am today,” says Scheuneman. 


The events he’ll be participating in are the 100, 200 and 400-meter track events, which will be Monday, July 15, at 8:00 a.m. at Jefferson High School in Tampa. Also, he’ll swim in the 100 freestyle at the Long Center in Clearwater at 7:00 p.m. Monday, July 15th, and play in a few rugby matches, which are throughout the week.


To learn more about the 33rd Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa and view a schedule of events visit:


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