Science on Speed Dial

USF marine biologist, Gulf scientists in rapid response to Hercules gas blowout.

TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 9, 2013) – More than three years after the BP oil spill changed how marine scientists respond to well disasters in the Gulf of Mexico, researchers have created new systems to cooperate with each other in the event of another event.

That coordination was on display in July when the Hercules gas rig suffered a blowout and natural gas began to seep into much shallower waters of the Gulf. USF Marine Biologist Steven Murawski was among the scientists who scrambled to respond to the Hercules blowout and began measuring its impact on the fragile Gulf environment.

Working through the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, the independent scientific organization that formed to managed research funding after the BP disaster, scientists were able to mobilize within a day and begin charting the impact of this latest Gulf drilling mishap. A report on how they are now working together can be read here at