New Campus Speed Limit

We are pleased to announce that a more uniform, consistent speed limit is being implemented on the USF Tampa Campus. Effective October 2013, the new campus-wide speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. New signage is being installed to reflect the new speed limit. Exceptions to the 25 mph speed limit exist at four locations:  

- Bull Run in the area of the elementary school will be 20 mph during transitional school times – drop offs and pick up times. This will be controlled by flashing beacons as is the case elsewhere in the country. All other times, Bull Run will be the standard 25 mph.
- Banyan Circle, Health Drive, and Birch Drive will be 15 mph at all times because of the unique multi-use functions in those areas servings as service drives, parking areas, and roadways.

The University conducted an official study to ensure a pedestrian-friendly campus and to provide a uniform driving environment. The study was performed by the Center for Urban Transportation (CUTR). Based on the results of that study, the new limit (and exceptions) were recommended and supported by the campus community.

Administrative Services