New On-Campus Distributed Antenna System

Have you noticed that in some buildings where you didn’t have a good cell signal, it’s now better? IT Infrastructure has been diligently working on improving your cellular connection by installing a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).  A DAS provides signal repeater antennas inside a building to enhance services of cellular wireless providers. 

Some campus buildings have poor or no cell service because the cellular signals cannot penetrate the reinforced concrete or energy efficient glass (which keeps out radio waves as well as heat energy). Five USF buildings now feature this new system. 

“Our first priority was to address those buildings with the weakest signal,” said Director of Services and Infrastructure Christopher Martinez. "And thanks to Verizon Wireless for being the first cellular company to participate in the project."

The buildings with the DAS now include: 
Library (LIB)
Interdisciplinary Science Administration (ISA) 
Business Administration (BSN)
Juniper-Poplar Hall (JPH)
Basketball Center (MUMA)

The new system will also improve the Public Safety signal which is utilized by University Police. Having the Verizon signal in these areas will allow students, faculty and staff to stay connected during campus incidents and receive important text information through MoBull Messenger. 

“It works just as well from inside the basement as it would if you were outside,” Martinez said.

IT is currently working with other carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint to help grow the system. Other buildings under consideration are the Sun Dome, Student Service Center (SVC), buildings in USF Health, as well as new construction projects.