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Physical Plant to Evaluate Energy Savings Program

Physical Plant will be conducting a test on April 4 to evaluate possible energy cost savings.

Physical Plant will be conducting a test on Friday, April 4th, from 9 5 p.m., to evaluate possible energy cost savings for the University by participation in a new load shedding program offered by Tampa Electric Company (TECO). The program provides funds to its customers for reducing electric loads when TECO has difficulty meeting the loads. The program is offered to TECO’s large customers, who have the ability to reduce their loads quickly. The way to reduce the load is to let the chilled water temperature go up. This means that the a/c and humidity set points (probably) will not be met when this happens. 

To determine the amount of funds the University would receive, Physical Plant needs to perform the test when the weather is relatively warm. The maximum time for the event will be eight hours beginning at 9 a.m. This test can impact the a/c and humidity to the campus. If the conditions in the individual buildings get to a point that is unacceptable, occupants can call 4-2845 to inform Physical Plant of this situation. 

The USF Tampa campus has 3 large plants that house large chillers: Main Central Plant, Southeast Plant and Northwest Plant. As the Northwest Plant services areas that have patients and surgery, this plant will not be included in the test or the program. The area served by the Northwest plant is generally the USF Health area.

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