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eDisclose Now Available Via MyUSF

Outside Activity disclosures may now be completed online.

The USF System Compliance & Ethics Program is pleased to announce the launch of eDisclose. This system enables all USF System employees to meet their Outside Activity disclosure responsibilities under USF System Policy 0-027 and applicable collective bargaining agreements. 


Outside Activity Rollout: Employees can disclose their outside activities either 1) using the paper-based outside activity form or 2) eDisclose. This transitional period will last until the end of this fiscal year. On July 1, 2014, and thereafter, all outside activity disclosures and approvals must be made prior to the commencement of the activity through eDisclose, the procedures for which may be found here; unless the employee has a USF Health Faculty appointment, in which case the employee should continue to use USF Health’s Reporting Outside Activities Database (ROAD).

The past six months have been spent alpha and beta-testing the system by those whose duties involve outside activity disclosure and review (the Office of the Provost, the USF Health Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs, Office of Research, General Counsel, Administrative Services, and University Audit & Compliance) as well as by faculty, administration, and staff employees who kindly volunteered their valuable time, insights, and candid feedback.  

eDisclose is now available for outside activity disclosure and approval via MyUSF.

Need a refresher on outside activity disclosure requirements? Click here to watch a brief video.

Have an outside activity you need to disclose? Click here to watch a step-by-step video explaining how to disclose the activity in eDisclosure.

Annual Florida Code of Ethics (FCOE) Rollout:  In addition to Outside Activity disclosures, eDisclose will also be utilized to implement a new annual disclosure program involving employee responsibilities under USF System Policy 0-027 and the FCOE concerning issues such as selling to the USF System, acceptance of gifts, and nepotism. Compliance & Ethics will notify employees of their responsibility to complete an annual FCOE disclosure and acknowledgement in eDisclose. These notifications will be distributed in May, July, September, and November of this year with the goal of giving employees ample opportunity to meet their annual FCOE responsibilities by the end of this calendar year. However, employees do not need to wait for notification and can complete their annual FCOE disclosure in eDisclose at any time.

Training for the eDisclose system is provided by the USF System Compliance & Ethics Program through its online materials, embedded trainings within eDisclose, face-to-face workshops, and consultation via email at or by calling 813-974-2705.

If you have any questions about the outside activity transitional period, the FCOE rollout, and/or requirements for using eDisclose, please send them to

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