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Green Gowns Grow Bull Pride

New sustainable, recyclable commencement gowns for University of South Florida graduates are the foundation for a new tradition at USF.

Video by Katy Hennig | USF News

TAMPA, Fla. (May 5, 2015) – Along with the excitement of commencing their college education, University of South Florida graduates celebrated starting a new tradition across the USF System this year.

“With the green and the gold it’s more USF colors so, go bulls," said Megan Miller who is graduating with a degree in Health Sciences. Miller shares the excitement that her graduating class feels to be building a new tradition by walking in the newly designed gowns. 

“I’m feeling great,” said Political Science graduate Harold Pickmans. “I think that the new gowns are an innovative way to promote a green campus, and I definitely appreciate the USF green.”

The vibrant green gowns distinguished the graduating class of 2015 as the first to wear the new green attire, made from 23 recycled water bottles, and include the USF seal.

Amanda Koslow is graduating with a double major in Communication and Communication Sciences and Disorders and is proud to be a USF bull beginning a new tradition. “I mean that’s one thing that I really like about USF, is the fact that we are a little bit new, so traditions that we are starting makes me feel like I have a part in my university rather than just attending the traditions, I’m helping to start the traditions,” said Koslow.

International Relations graduate Richard Jean-Baptiste enjoys being in on the new tradition for several reasons, including the statement that it makes.I think it’s really good for the environment, as an International Relations major we talk about the environment a lot in our studies,” said Baptiste. “I think this is making a big change and it’s a step in the right way for other colleges to start doing the same thing and I think USF is taking the initiative.”

Most students enjoyed the new green gowns, but a few really appreciated the chance to be in on such a colorful change, “Oh my gosh they are so beautiful,” said Esther Telusma. “And I love that they are recycled, I’m all about recycling so the fact that they are recycled material is really awesome and the green, it really pops. Go Bulls!”

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