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University of South Florida Announces Sale of WUSF-TV’s Broadcast License in FCC Auction

TAMPA, Fla. (Feb. 8, 2017) – The University of South Florida is announcing the sale of WUSF-TV’s public broadcast license for $18,754,503 as part of the Federal Communication Commission’s Broadcast Incentive Auction.As a result of USF’s decision to sell its license, WUSF-TV will go off the air later this year after proceeds from the auction are received.

At this time, USF is in the early stages of discussions about the future of WUSF-TV’s current programming and the options available to WUSF-TV employees. Auction proceeds will be invested to support University initiatives. At the earliest, proceeds are not expected to be distributed to USF until fall 2017.

The FCC will not distribute auction proceeds until the entire broadcast incentive auction is complete. USF will then have up to six months after receiving the auction proceeds to cease WUSF-TV’s broadcast operations.

The Auction only involves WUSF-TV, not WUSF’s radio stations WUSF-FM (89.7) and WSMR (89.1 & 103.9).

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