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USF Researchers Unveil Interactive Website, Marking 7 Years Since the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

"Beneath the Horizon" examines ongoing research of the disaster's long-term impact

St. Petersburg, FL (April 19, 2017) -- It took nearly three months to cap the leak of the deadly Deepwater Horizon oil spill, putting an end to daily news coverage. The longer it’s been, the fuzzier the details. That’s why researchers at the University of South Florida have helped create an interactive website that examines the disaster’s impact.

“Beneath the Horizon” illustrates consequences of the nearly 5-million barrels of crude oil that gushed into the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010. It features a timeline that begins with the explosion that killed 11 workers and subsequent oil spill that contaminated 1300 miles of shore.

The BP Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling unit on fire. April 20, 2017 marks the seventh anniversary of the environmental disaster.

It details efforts to seal the leak and interviews with USF biological oceanographer Steve Murawski, PhD, who created C-IMAGE, a consortium of 19 institutions researching what a deep water blowout does to an ecosystem. Murawski’s team of researchers is taking samples across the Gulf and comparing the results to the lesser known 1979 Ixtoc oil spill. This will help create fish and sediment baselines should another disaster occur.

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Story by Tina Meketa, University Communications and Marketing


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