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USF Researchers Play Prominent Role in Top Scientific Journals

“Science” and “Nature” feature USF research on the covers of their December editions

Two studies conducted by researchers at the University of South Florida are featured separately this month on the covers of high-impact scientific journals Nature and Science.

Amelia Shevenell, PhD, associate professor, College of Marine Science, is co-lead author of “Initiation and long-term instability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet" (EIAS) published in Nature. It’s the first study to reconstruct the EIAS’s evolution over the past 50 million years. Dr. Shevenell discovered it’s less stable than realized and could contribute to a dramatic rise in sea level.

Cover image courtesy of the journal Science

Mauricio Arias, PhD, assistant professor, College of Engineering, was part of a research group published in Science for their study on the Mekong River Basin, located in Southeast Asia. “Designing river flows to improve food security futures in the Lower Mekong Basin” proposes dam operators be allowed to generate power in ways that protect and improve food supplies and businesses throughout the region.

“The chances of a university’s faculty to publish in the top two scientific journals, Science and Nature, and get the covers at almost the same time has got to be nearly impossible,” said Paul Sanberg, PhD, DSc, senior vice president for research, innovation & knowledge enterprise at USF. “This has got to be one for USF history books. It helps take us to that next level where it’s not about how much research dollars we have, or how many buildings we have. It’s about the impact of our research to the world and our peers.”

Science is a peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s oldest and largest general science organization. Nature is a weekly international scientific journal that publishes peer-reviewed research in science and technology.

-Story by Tina Meketa, University Communications and Marketing

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