Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder on Campus

Jerry Greenfield will speak Monday evening at the Marshall Student Center as part of the University Lecture Series.


By Laura Kneski

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (March 1, 2013) – Voted the number one choice for a guest speaker on campus, Jerry Greenfield of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream will be here Monday to talk about creativity and sustainability.


Greenfield, who will explore how those attributes can be applied in business, is visiting the University of South Florida Tampa campus as part of the University Lecture Series. His presentation will begin at 8:00 p.m. Monday on the second floor of the Marshall Student Center.


According to, Greenfield and his partner Ben Cohen started the company with $12,000, a leased gas station and little knowledge about the business world. Their innovative flavors were what set them apart from other ice cream creators, and they were able to expand from a single, local store to an international distributor.


That is why ULS executive director Romel Boiser and ULS coordinator Jenna Kelly chose Greenfield as a guest speaker. He has had first-hand experience in starting small and going big time as an entrepreneur. Boiser and Kelly see him as an effective source of information for students considering becoming business owners.


Greenfield is also expected to discuss his company’s commitment to the environment and the community. Sustainability can be applied to more areas than just business, and so ULS hopes to attract more than one type of student with the event.


“We felt strongly about him just because of the different aspect you get for the student population. You get the entrepreneurial spirit as well as the sustainability of running a company green,” Boiser said.


Students already seem to be excited about the event. ULS was supposed to spend two hours outside of Cooper Hall last week to give out cupcakes, cakes and two flavors of Ben & Jerry’s scoops to passing students in order to spread the word about their upcoming visitor. Their samples ran out in half the time.


Not to worry, as enough ice cream to make 1,000 scoops will be arriving on campus a few days prior to Greenfield. Every person in the audience will be able to receive a free sample following Greenfield’s talk.


Also following his presentation is a meet-and-greet with Greenfield.

The Center for Student Involvement in the Marshall Center gave tickets to the first 50 people to stop by its offices Friday morning. The ticket gets the student an autograph and picture with the entrepreneur.


The University Lecture Series website can be located at and on Facebook at