Building a Global Business

A former USF student is growing an international business around translating languages.



Video and Story By Katy Hennig

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (July 5, 2012) – After Sean Hopwood earned his MBA at The University of South Florida, he knew he wanted to run a small business on a global scale.


“I have very ambitious goals and of course I want to have a professional organization, as well as help people connect and understand each other through translation,” said Hopwood.


He started Day Translations, Inc., now a global company that connects people in different cultures by translating everything from legal documents to sub-titles in movies.


Hopwood consulted the USF Small Business Development Center and met with experts there for guidance with marketing and accounting. He worked with International Trade Expert Maria Clara Yepes, also a USF graduate, to take his business idea across the globe.


“It’s extremely difficult, especially in the U.S. Most business owners do not like to go international. But the advantage that Sean has is he was already a very international person. He was studying different languages, he was familiar with different cultures.  He has travelled around the world so he really didn’t have an issue with having employees in other countries, or opening offices in other countries,” said Yepes.


Hopwood credits his success to professionalism and passion, the two key elements to the growth and development of his business.


“I think the key to Sean’s success is his dedication to his business. He has put all of his soul and all of his time into this business and also his attention to detail,” said Yepes.


Hopwood’s Day Translations has seen tremendous growth; he has taken his company from 16 employees a year ago, to 46 full-time employees currently and thousands of part-time interpreters. With so much international business, he is in an industry that people will never stop needing assistance in communicating.


“I’m just getting started. I can see with perfect vision exactly what I want to do,” Hopwood said.


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